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September 27th 2016.  Annual General Meeting

The AGM took place at The Prince of Wales.

  • Officers were re-elected

  • Rule to be formally changed to remove all fees.  Finances to be raised through raffles at main events

  • Same Teams re-enlisted.


May 5th 2015.  Committee Meeting

Committee Meeting took place at The Prince of Wales.

After the turmoil of the early season, it was recognised that all had enjoyed the season and that subs and prizes were not necessary.  There is enough money left in the account to pay for trophy engraving next year, so we are to continue on next season without financial overheads.

Presentation Night will be Sunday 14th June, 8pm at Green Dragon.  Plus a Cribbage Drive too, same place.



November 18th 2014. Extraordinary General Meeting

An EGM took place at The Prince of Wales.

Meeting was called by Chairman and Secretary as the pressures of running the League were becoming too great.

With reduced teams and players, the League has been in a state of crisis for some time as the loss of single player could often threaten the loss of a team and the League itself.  This made the Committee vulnerable and unable to maintain discipline.

The Chairman and Secretary announced their retirements, however, the Secretary agreed to maintain the rest of season with all subs, bills and prizes removed.  We will play out for the fun of the game and see what the future holds.

It was recognised that Ledbury would struggle to maintain a League in its current form and so it is expected that this will be our final season.



September 23rd 2014.  Annual General Meeting

The AGM took place at The Prince of Wales.

  • Officers were re-elected

  • No rule changes

  • Same Teams re-enlisted.

  • The Hamlet are returning to the Farmers Arms, Wellington heath and will be known as The Farmers Legs.

  • The end of season "Team Knockout" will be restructured as a mini-league "Shield" with points decided from legs won on 3 pairs tables of 5 legs each and 5 singles tables of 3 legs each.  30 points available per match.

Last modified: October 05, 2017