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October 30th.  Committee Meeting

At the meeting held on Tuesday, it became apparent that some players at the Prince of Wales have refused to play 6 card singles and that some matches were played 5 card by the Prince of Wales.

As League Secretary, it is one of my duties to uphold the rules and this issue needs to be addressed before it gets out of hand.

For the record, I did not raise the motion at the AGM to adopt standard 6 card singles. I supported the motion based on 25 years grass roots experience listening to players of all teams, who often make use of their right to raise policy issues with the Secretary.  It was also my personal preference. Now that the decision is made we must carry on until the next AGM.

I do not wish to debate here the pros and cons of the two singles variants but I would comment that over the years I have played many different variants of cribbage; singles, doubles, 3 player, Lowball, Jokers, toss-5s and more.  I have noticed that the best players are the instinctive types who recognise that cribbage is about spotting, quantifying and anticipating the scoring patterns, no matter how many cards are available or whether they are trying to score or avoid points.

Dogma should play no part in cribbage or any part of society, so I call upon all players, especially the captains and officials to stand by the Committee decision and make a go of this.  Who knows, you could well beat one of the pro-standard players.

Also, The Chase Inn team will now play from The Wheatsheaf on Fromes Hill.


October 2nd 2018.  Annual General Meeting

The AGM took place at The Prince of Wales.

It was decided that Ledbury Cribbage League would adopt standard 6 card cribbage for singles matches.

Although the decision was not unanimous, it was carried by a large majority.  Most team captains have commented that many players have questioned the previous tradition of playing the 5 card variant.

We hope that all members will respect the decision.

To clarify the rules of 6 card singles:

  • 6 cards are dealt to each player

  • Each player discards 2 cards to crib

  • Each leg comprises 121 points

  • Each game is best of 3 legs, singles tournaments will be best of 5

  • Other rules and etiquette as per current doubles cribbage.

For a summary of Standard 6 card Cribbage, consult any book or website on cribbage where you find that it is always described as the standard version of play.




Last modified: November 01, 2018